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Just filling empty space

Posted by Gemini on November 10, 2008

Hello world.


6 Responses to “Just filling empty space”

  1. Gemini said

    Test comment. :q

  2. Rasilisk said

    Dang, ANOTHER bookmark for a Gemini project!? At this rate I shall have to make a folder ;)

  3. Killa B said


    Does this blog have an RSS Feed? I’m assuming there is (wordpress automatically generates them, right?), but I’m blind and can’t find it…

    Also, you’re awesome. :P

  4. Gemini said

    There, RSS enabled for ya. :D

  5. Square711 said

    Just checking in o/
    Hope I don’t die before this is completed.

  6. gadesx said

    very good work gemini ;)

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