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Dr. Octogonopus!

Posted by Gemini on December 5, 2008

O o

But now on to serious business:

  • A title screen! I know I know, it’s as disgusting as watching two snails having sex. It’s a start, even tho it’s not a mock up (>_>), and it took me a while to find a way to keep the image more or less at decent quality using 256 colors. The result is that the whole screen is actually made of many fragments all put together to form the final effect. Now it only needs an actual artwork for the region of Macka, a fog effect, and decent scrolling.
  • Back in game. Let’s recap what the scrolling engine can do for now:
    1. Broken collision detection: diagonal tiles don’t work too well for now;
    2. Everything loads from cd except for the collision data, which it’s statically linked in the exe, but it will be included later when I’m done with the map format;
    3. New HUD with glowing heart effect. It behaves exactly like it does in Ecclesia, timing included! The idea behind it comes from Maria’s HUD on Dracula X Gekka for the PSP. Now, I like having golden stuff for her, so I adapted the bars and everything else to use a gold texture and I made it horizontal (vertical is kind of awkward). Colors for the gauges come from a dummied out item in Gekka, which, by the way, is already in Red Moon’s database (it’s called Health Repair, as opposed to Heart Repair).
    4. Weapon*3 configuration button (A, B, C, like in Ecclesia). For the moment it allows the user to switch weapons pressing SELECT, but I’m not sure if I will keep this one. Weapons use a lot vram, and having 3 of them would mean having 3*2*128×128 images, for which there isn’t enough space. Maybe I could come up with a solution to reduce vram consumption by having the weapon images always in ram and switch them as necessary. This method would use about 48KB of ram, that isn’t really too much.
    5. Completely renewed rendering system, which includes everything graphics related. This made me use GsLIB a lot less, which consumes a lot of ram for primitives, not to mention that it works like ass on flipped flat polygons. The game is also sightly faster and renders fine on real hardware.
    6. And speaking of renewed rendering, I also took the two old screen distortion effects and adapted them to the new system. They had some bugs that made the HUD completely disappear, and other crap. They are working again now, even tho there’s still space for updates, especially with the left/right borders in the desert effect (see the screenshot above).

That leaves a lot of stuff to be implemented yet, like correct collisions, an actual map management system, and misc stuff. In particular, I’m currently working on animations for objects on screen, which cover the player, enemies, and “dynamic” objects like torches. So far there is a defined format for frame fragments and hitboxes, but I didn’t decide how to glue them together. The idea is to have an array of indexes that call the fragments and then give some simple coordinates for assembly, then another array of indexes, but for the hitboxes, everything with a timer ahead to determine how many refresh frames it will stay on screen until next sequence of fragments+hitboxes kicks in.

And for the sprite front:
Yes, she finally has new frames. I made them myself, so they will need some more touches, but this is the idea for Maria’s swimming pose. It will work the same way Soma’s and Shanoa’s do. I’ll also have to look into attack poses pretty soon, at least for stabbing weapons. For those who didn’t get the hidden hint, I still need a pixel artist. :(

I’ve also got a sample of the title screen theme. Hope you like it.


4 Responses to “Dr. Octogonopus!”

  1. Killa B said

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, I think your titlescreen is much better-looking than two snails having sex. :P

    I really like the HUD, too. I’ve always been a fan of shiny things!

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s with the two coordinate pairs in the top right corner? What’s it referring to, is it some kind of debug information for the wavelly effect?

    Anyway, I hope you work out the hitboxes with a minimal amount of headaches. And I wish you luck with finding a pixel artist. Maybe you could ask for help at The Shyguy’s Kingdom forum ( I don’t actually go there, so I’m not familiar with their policies or anything, but it’s a forum about spriting, so there should be plenty of fish to catch. :D

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