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I’ve got a new book

Posted by Gemini on January 5, 2009

First of all, happy new year. Ok, now I said what you’ve heard the most in the last days, let’s pretend that I did my part and pass to the real news. :q

New year, new news, new progress. I’m not entirely sure about the last part, but some progresses were done during this period. First, I finally decided to migrate to Visual Studio 2005, for the most of my projects (not all tho), which also includes the Red Moon engine. Now I can finally have a not-so-broken Intellisense database for the Playstation SDK, woot! Second, I’m working on a little class set to handle most of my data in a more decent way, and the good part about this step is that, if I were to release it, this set would also be more or less useful for Playstation hacking (most of it comes from my previous translation projects). Third, there’s no third.

Let’s go back to the actual news. I said I did some progress, but that’s not quite right. I mean, I did something but it wasn’t really on the engine. I’ve been working more on the tool side of the game, defining formats, writing classes to handle said formats, and other boring stuff you won’t probably care about. As for the engine, I’ve been trying to fix my broken collision system, but I haven’t decided yet what approach I should follow. I guess I could keep on with the current collisions, but they are so broken I feel guilty for having them after all the work I’ve done on the editors. Also, I haven’t done much about the animation management so far, which makes me feel even more guilty about being freaking lazy during the last 30 days. >_> And to say that I even wanted to release a demo for Xmas with the very first location in game. :p Aaaaanyway…

This is going to be the “new” logo:
It’s not final, and in fact you can still see how the macron accent is missing in the word Akumajō. However, it’s pretty much what you’ll see in the final version of the game once all minor issues get fixed. Unless I decide to redo that for the third time. :p As for the rest of the title screen, I think I’m gonna draw myself a sketch of the 3 layers necessary for it and then have somebody to color it as if it was a painting. The effect is gonna be cool, I guess.

AND! Speaking about the new logo, I’ve got to show something entirely new: SKETCHES! sin_batsu provided them a couple weeks ago, and boys, I do like them. But let me show you a couple of those concepts (click to enlarge):
The first one is a concept of Igor, a new monster somebody suggested me some time ago. We are still deciding what he should look like, if more scientist or monster like. I think the scientist is probably going to be a villager, while the monster a boss or something (in combination with the usual Franken creature). As for the second and third page, they are just random sketches with both monsters and villagers mixed. You can also notice a revision of Igor in third page (the creature throwing knives).

As for the title of this news, it’s really what it says. I’ve got a new book. Well, actually two (got the second one this morning), both talking  about game design and writing. I should get a new one about programming in the next few days, unless they messed up my order or something, in which case I’ll have to shoot some asses through PayPal. I hope reading these books will actually make me improve somehow, and give a major boost to this project. Programming a game is freaking hard – this is my first time, and I want it to be as good as I can get it. Collisions are damn difficult to get correctly, and optimized at the same time. >_<

Now some final words… I’m. Still. Looking. For. Pixel. Artists. Yes, I haven’t got even one so far. I asked for help at Pixelation or deviantART, but nothing. I even tried contacting master Thaddeus (the pixel artist working on the homebew Vampiria/Parasitus, also known for hacks like Dragoon X Omega II and Project Wallachia), but he wasn’t really interested. Bummer. I guess nobody really gives a shit about Maria Renard project, except for players who are really eager to use her as a main character.


6 Responses to “I’ve got a new book”

  1. Square711 said

    Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve last checked here. I’m quite happy to see the news… except for the bad ones. >:
    I do know a really good pixel artist, but right now he’s quite busy with another project.
    Also, those sketches are damn impressive o_o

  2. Gemini said

    I think I just have bad luck with spriters. :( But at least I’ve got my last two books (second being about 2D game programming) totally for free, so I can say my luck is somehow balanced. :p And now on to the other 2D programming book (which cost me a fortune, but it was well worth the price)!

    PS: Cross your fingers. Maybe there will be something new to “show” in the next days, if I can get danke to remix a track for me. xD

  3. slystrife said

    Love the sketches, glad to know that you’re still working on this. Wasn’t sure on what was going on. ^_^

  4. Marbel said

    can I make a suggestion regarding the history? I think it would be an refreshing feature if Maria had a suitor, because she’s so pretty and all that and because I think that thing with Alucard created mostly by the fans it’s kinda weird you know, a vampire hunter with a vampire? lol dogs don’t date cats XD so it would be cool to develop her history in that aspect too and also if she would find out secrets about the past of her family and new powers.. it would be awesome. Hope that gives you some ideas, too bad I can’t help in anything else :(

  5. MD said

    Hi dude, i wanted to know how u translated the p2 game…by a hex editor? binary? thx dude (sry didnt find a way to contact u)

  6. Gemini said

    I don’t get why you posted here instead of the forum board. Anyway, Persona 2 was translated using a set of custom tools.

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