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Because ITASA sucks

Posted by Gemini on April 15, 2009

Wow people, it’s been a long time! The usual monthly update did’t happen this time, but I’ve got a few news to compensate the delays. Not much to show from the game itself, but we are still brainstorming here, and I’m about to show you the results of hard labor.


We finally have a couple artworks, not just b&w sketches. The first one represents the little girl Isidora, one of the vampires in game, while the second one is a prototype of the storyboard that will be part of the introduction. The pencil sketches have been made by Sin, our character designer, and they have been colored later by Ultimecia (who is still working on them, fixing color issues and removing all the rough edges). Other artworks will follow the same style, including portraits using during dialogue scenes. Speaking of b&w sketches, I’d like to show you a few of the newer ones:
In the first three pictures you can see another of the vampires, Jovanka, who will be the “big sis” figure for Isidora. They will be similar to what we’ve seen already with the sisters in Portrait of Ruin, so they will battle alone at first, and then join forces later on. The person in the fourth picture is Dragana, also known as “the lady with the hat”. None of the details about her have been defined yet (not completely at least), but she will be one of the townspeople.
There are other sketches that Sin sent me the other day, but I’m not going to show them (for the moment?). I’m not even sure if the characters in them will make it to the demo (or anything coming right after the embryonic state), but they will probably appear in some art gallery I’m planning to implement later. In other words, you will probably see them all, tho it won’t happen soon. I know, I’m a bastard teaser. :p

Returning enemies

These are just a few examples of old enemies never used again in any newer Castlevania. In the pictures above you can see the Frozen Half from SOTN, the Giant Skull from Rondo, and an eagle from Dracula X68000 (kinda reused in SOTN for the Semler enemies). There are currently a few more in my monster folder, like Skeleton Spear, Sausine (aka Salome), the various floating books from SOTN (including the dummied one), the small Paranoia (rendered a simple demon this time), or Ghost (aka Necromancer) from Dracula XX. If you have any unique monsters that you’d like to see again in this game, even those from the 8 bit era (they will be redrawn for the occasion, of course :p), be sure to drop a comment. I’m open to suggestions.
While I’m at it, I’d like to talk a bit about the bosses in this game. A few months ago, in the days preceding the release of Order of Ecclesia, there was a topic on Gamefaqs talking about the bosses that people would have wanted to see in the game. The good thing about that topic was that there were some really nice ideas, like a gigantic version of the Alraune. I’ve already defined about 13 bosses for this project, but I’d like to bring that number to at least 18. Suggestions are appreciated here too.

Back to the game?

Well, yes, there is something to show from the actual game, not just the planning aspects. Unfortunately for you, it’s nothing about gameplay. :p As you can see from the pictures above (and from this movie, too), it finally has a “Use Item” screen, fully working for the exception of the Magical Ticket (there’s no map town to teleport to yet). I’m also in the process of implementing one of the guide menus, again about items, just like the newest Castlevanias use to do. Both are simple branches of the Equipment menu, ergo they share most of the code, making them a lot easier to program and maintain.
Now it’s time to talk about monsters, AGAIN! Nothing too relevant, to be honest. Today I started programming the monster database, which also includes sprite definition+animation crap. Maybe, I’ll be able to show pictures of them in action with the next update. :0

Anyway, that’s all folks. See you next month (?)!


9 Responses to “Because ITASA sucks”

  1. Kentaro said

    Oh, so, you’re doing a Castlevania fan-game, which will be like an “All-Stars” version, combining some of the best elements of all the other games… and you’re doing it on the PS1, using some sprites from the DS games as well as doing some original artwork… that’s the jist, right?

  2. Kentaro said

    Oh, um, I just read the FAQ and ABOUT tabs, which were always there, but I didn’t notice them somehow… so, yeah, ignore that comment above.

  3. Gemini said

    God please, no more all stars crap. :p

  4. shadovski said

  5. Fenris said

    what about Maria? you’re planning to use her sotn look or she’ll wear other outfits?

  6. Gemini said

    She still wears the SOTN outfit, but that is gonna be explained in game. I was also considering to give her an alternative sprite sheet with short hair, but I haven’t made my mind of that yet. :p

  7. Fenris said

    Hi there, what’s up huh anything new about this game?

  8. Gemini said

    Yup, but I haven’t finished yet with the news I have been writing for over two mounths. :p

  9. Fenris said

    cool! I’m looking foward to read it

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