Maria Renard’s lair

Who would dare to stand for justice?


This is a blog about my Akumajō Dracula (aka Castlevania) fan project featuring Maria Renard as the heroine. The game is currently being produced for the Playstation, but it could be probably ported to some other system, like the Nintendo DS or PC (using OpenGL or DirectX), when it’s completely done and ready for release.

Here is a little list of what you can expect to see:

  • Maria will be able to use a variety of weapons, like Alucard or Jonathan Morris;
  • Elemental Orbs used for casting spells;
  • “Tap a button” scenes, like in Shen Mue or God of War;
  • Interaction with the environment to defeat some particular bosses;
  • Less dull AI for enemies and bosses. You will need some real strategies this time;
  • A little town where you can interact with its inhabitants to obtain any kind of help;
  • A region map with an area selector, and four areas available;
  • Many, many secrets.

This game will be completely free and released as an ISO file (size will be more or less 500-600 MB). It will not claim any ownership on Akumajō Dracula or Konami Digital Entertainment‘s material. We will not get any kind of profit from this, and we do no intend to steal anything from Konami Digital Entertainment. This is just the result of fans’ efforts on a series that me and my crew love so much that we wanted to create our own personal episode.

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