Maria Renard’s lair

Who would dare to stand for justice?


  1. When will this be released?
    When it’s done. At current there are no plans about a release date.
  2. Is this a hack of Symphony of the Night?
    Not even close. This game uses a brand new engine I made myself from scratch. No hacks involved, no code recycled.
  3. What platform does this game run on?
    At the moment the main engine is being developed for the Playstation, but it could be easily converted to other platforms, like DirectX. Still, no plans about that for the moment. Maybe in future.
  4. Is this project Open Source? Will we coders see any snippets of code?
    No. I’m not a fan of Open Source, though I do share code with some people, but only those I really trust. Sorry-ya.
  5. Will the game be compatible with real hardware or the PSP emulator?
    As usual for all my projects, this one will run on every possible platform that can run Playstation games (or DirectX if I decide to port it to PC). There is still a minor issue with music on the PSP, but I’m counting to fix it as soon as I get more info about streamed XA sound.
  6. When does the story take place? Will it have many returning characters?
    The game takes place a few months before Symphony of the Night, and the only returning characters are Maria Renard (main character) and Richter Belmont (only present in the beginner’s tutorial). The game doesn’t take place in Romania anymore, so there will be a completely new set of characters, and vampires.
  7. Does Maria have access to a new set of weapons or she plays like in the previous games?
    She will be just like any other new-style Castlevania main character, so she will have access to a decently vast array of weapons. At current date, she can use daggers, light swords, regular swords, throw weapons, and knuckles. However, this list doesn’t include secret weapons, so you can expect to see something special in the oven.
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