Maria Renard’s lair

Who would dare to stand for justice?

Help Wanted

Here you can find a list of some tasks that we still need help with. If you can or want to help us, please drop a message at geminimewtwo PUTANATHERE gmail PUTADOTHERE com. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Photoshop Experts – Priority: HIGH
One or two experts who can color sketches and artworks at high resolutions. They will be used in game and for conver, manuals, and whatever will be posted for trailers and presentation of the game.

Pixel Artists – Priority: MEDIUM
One or more pixel artists who are good at cloning Symphony of the Night’s style for sprites, tiles, or HUD elements. You will be provided with templates and all the current artworks if you’re interested.
Also, if you’re good at drawing 16×16 icons for items, feel free to contact us.

Music Composers – Priority: MEDIUM
Somebody who’s good at remixing or composing brand new tracks for the game. You will be provided with all the tracks and guidelines necessary for the job if you’re interested.

Voice Actors – Priority: MEDIUM
Anybody with a good voice for simple grunts, screams, etc… We are not aiming for a full dub, so small clips will do absolutely fine. If you are interested, be sure to send a sample of your voice.

Translators – Priority: LOW
Currently looking for one or more native speakers for each of the following languages: French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. The job consists in translating the entire set of strings contained in the game.

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