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Brief update on a notorious scammer “taking over” the PSX scene

Posted by Gemini on July 29, 2013

This brief update has something to do with one of my side projects from last year: psiOS.

psiOS was intended to be an operating system aimed to replicate Sony’s XMB feel and look on the PlayStation while taking advantage of a piece of hardware called PSIO. After laying down some basic code for managing the interface, the project was killed by the guy who “owns” PSIO, infamous Australian scammer under the name of Haunted, H360, Haunted360, Shad0w, and a plethora other similar aliases.

Haunted/Shad0w, who has a very bad reputation on important websites such as Assembler Games, is this incompetent guy who wants to own the PlayStation development scene while posing himself as some kind of authority and expert. Turns out he can’t program the most basic code and he has a bad habit at scamming people with fake promises about this piece of hardware called PSIO, which he based a PayPal donation account on. Guess what? His account was closed, because he results to PayPal as a modchip seller. Seems like PayPal can sniff frauds from miles away, which is more than a serious reason to kill scamming accounts for good. But hey, scammers are never happy about getting their heads in a dirty pool of mud, so now he’s simply bad mouting PayPal because they sneaked his little fraud and switched to PayMate or whatever that one is called.

His last move was censoring all the links I posted about psiOS, which, ironically, was intended to be open source from the beginning as the project was hosted on Google Code. Still, the scammer dude didn’t want it to be so because “people could see how it works!”, which is yet another symptom of his never-ending ignorance (more info in the Hall of Shame). Later he had reconsidered that idea and even asked me to go back on the project, but he still refuses to show any bits of the sources, even if they contain nothing about PSIO at all; talking about smart thinking. Then again, nothing too weird for somebody who claims to be a PlayStation legend among with a small group of smartass kids who can barely write a for statement and whose greatest ambition is writing craptastic renditions of NyanCat.

Here’s the link to the sources of psiOS and a couple screenshot, since neither can be posted on the CRAPDEV site without the scammer censoring them and banning the poster:

Of course, all the stuff showing up there was specifically made by me, but it seems like Haunted is still keeping parts of the code and some of the graphical assets, which I never gave him permission to use, but he’s using them anyway for his “custom” implementation of psiOS. I don’t need to tell you this stuff can’t be used for commercial use if I never give any permission to do so. Guess who’s ignoring that and still tries making profit out of completely free stuff? Plus all the code is based on the Psy-Q SDK, which makes any commercial use of it yet again extremely illegal and shows once more how shady this project’s management really is. Naturally this part of the message didn’t go unnoticed by our beloved dude, who sent me this emails:

From: PSIO Contact
Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2013 8:28 AM
Subject: psiOS and Forum Spamming
Fuck off Gemini. Last time I heard, psiOS was open source. So what you gonna’ do about it faggot?
It is being coded from scratch. That ‘layout’ you claim was yours, was my design I came up with. Your point is invalid and you havecontradicted yourself.
There is nothing you can do except say as many profanity’s as you wish.
Have fun on the Unhaunttended forums or whatever the hell it’s called with Tails.

So apparently he doesn’t even know the difference between open source and profiting off of somebody’s free work he never wrote a line of code for (again, also Psy-Q), and which he tried to hide like an embarrassing relative because he fears people stealing “his technology”. Way to go with the insults and all the random claims, especially the segment about Unhauttended, which I’m not even part of. And the interface part… well, using Sony’s XMB as a base certainly doesn’t make it your own, nor it makes mine of somebody else’s as it’s not original work at all, unlike other aspects. Then again, I wasn’t expecting less from a person such as Haunted/Shadow. What can best this? The IP the email comes from is exactly the same used by some fake user posting here on the blog, who goes by the handle of “Nick F.” (whose IP comes from the same area as another fake user posting on this very discussion). At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if some project supporters on the PSIO board were actually home-made puppets only trying to fool people – I can count at least one account there belonging to this category, it’s not even hard to figure out who that is.

Guess it’s time for Haunted/Shad0w and his fraud reign to simply go down and never get up ever again. Please, let’s stop this everlasting chain of idiocy once and for all: don’t give him a cent of your money, he won’t make good use of it and he never gave any concrete proof of “PSIO” happening. Haunted/Shad0w should just disappear, along with his pathetic website and vaporware projects. He’s also not welcome here, with all his fake accounts (use a proxy next time?) trying to post into the comment board just to claim this blog entry is a lie. Unfortunately it’s not, and PSIO looks extremely “vague” even after the proof video they’ve posted, which ironically contains a few hints on why it’s pretty much a badly doctored fake.


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What the Buck!?

Posted by Gemini on September 26, 2009

I started writing the news back in May, stacking all the updates one after another. Now I think there’s enough material for a public “outbreak” of information, or at least something sorted out as a regular manifest. Anyway, let’s go for the infurmeshan!

Let’s begin with a couple pictures of the game in action, just to make this update look somewhat interesting:
entity kitteh party!!branch at draculina's
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Because ITASA sucks

Posted by Gemini on April 15, 2009

Wow people, it’s been a long time! The usual monthly update did’t happen this time, but I’ve got a few news to compensate the delays. Not much to show from the game itself, but we are still brainstorming here, and I’m about to show you the results of hard labor.


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The project must go on

Posted by Gemini on February 7, 2009

It’s been another month, and here goes another update for the lovely Maria and all her fans (which I hope are many :p). Long blah blah ahead, with a few sketches and pictures, so if you are not interested you can just ignore this entry entirely. :D

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I’ve got a new book

Posted by Gemini on January 5, 2009

First of all, happy new year. Ok, now I said what you’ve heard the most in the last days, let’s pretend that I did my part and pass to the real news. :q

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Dr. Octogonopus!

Posted by Gemini on December 5, 2008

O o

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Just filling empty space

Posted by Gemini on November 10, 2008

Hello world.

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